Applications for the Spring 2021 cohort are open until Saturday, 20th February 2021 at 23:59 UTC+0

The Future of Internships

Learn relevant skills by building a digital product

Menon Labs is where students join global, interdisciplinary teams and gain relevant skills by building working products - together with our start-up Partners

The best thing: It's part-time, remote and free of cost
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Our Fellows Represent Top Universities


Gain relevant experience by building a digital product together with a real start-up

Apply for the Menon Labs Fellowships and become part of an interdisciplinary team of Fellows from all around the world.
Learn how to build a digital product that solve real-world problems together with our start-up Partners.



They represented almost all Top 50 Universities (per QS) from around the world.



49% of Fellows identified as women and 40% came from an underrepresented background.



Our global cohort of Fellows came from 5 continents and represented 23 countries.



Over 96% of Fellows said they would likely recommend the Fellowship to their friends.


Engage with ambitious peers from all around the world

Get  access to a professional community that grows your career. Meet up with peers and help each other learn and grow together.



Interactive workshops with industry experts. Get both industry insights and domain expertise.

Fireside Chats


Informal yet structured interviews with guests like Alan Greenberg, former Director @ Apple.

Community Events


Join in for community events and meet your top of the class peers from other top-universities.


Here is what some of our Fellows have to say

We are proud to upskill students and recent graduates from around the world by building digital products
that solve-real world problems of our start-up partners.
Agnes 🇵🇭
Engineering @ Princeton

"The highlight of the program was being able to collaborate with very bright and motivated students from all over the world."

Nathan 🇬🇧
MBBS @ Oxford

"As a group of like-minded individuals, we collaboratively built an amazing product from scratch. The best feeling!"

Claudea 🇮🇩
Statstics @ Berkeley

"This program allowed me to gain more exposure to professional settings and enhance my data science skillset."

Our FAQ's

Here are some topics you might find interesting

What is the Menon Labs Fellowship?

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The Fellowship is an 8-week, part-time Program free of cost. There, you will be building a working product in industry-like Teams - together with our start-up partners.

Complementary to your project, we will provide you with guidance, role-specific learning content, virtual community mixers and fireside chats with industry experts.

As a member of your Fellowship Team, you will tackle your product with fellow designers, software engineers, program managers and others on a weekly-basis. The Program will culminate in a Demo Day, where the most promising projects will get to present and battle it out for the win!

What can I expect from the Fellowship?

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You can expect to improve your technical skills, sharpen your Teamwork and gain work experience – all of this on a part-time basis.

Here is a list of what the Fellowship encompasses:

  • An intense 8-weeks of building a working product, together with our venture Partners.
  • An interdisciplinary environment, working together with hand-picked talent in a typical Tech team constellation.
  • A thorough induction week with Team building exercises, training sessions and a virtual global cohort meet-up.
  • Ongoing support from Menon Labs, including guidance & relevant learning material. Teaching you the skills and tools industry leaders want you to have.
  • Skill-building activities from Mentors andPartners to enhance or complement your journey into entrepreneurship.
  • Cohort-wide community sessions with Fellows around the world.
  • The chance to present your project at our Demo Day, and battle it out for the first place.
  • Membership in our Alumni network after completion of your project.
  • Induction in a talent pool for recruitment opportunities.
  • Exclusive invites to our recruitment sessions with our corporate and venture capital partners. (launching late Q2 2021).

Who can participate in the Fellowship?

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The Fellowship is open to students enrolled at a University from all over the world.

We welcome students during all stages of the educational journey – from Undergraduates, Postgraduates to Post Docs.

For some specialist projects, we recommend students to be further in their educational journey.

We also accept applications from recent graduates.

Is the Fellowship free?

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Yes, the Fellowship is completely free of cost. However, you will need to pass a rigorous selection process in order to enrol in our Program.

What does the application process look like?

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As our Fellowship is focused on Teamwork, our special selection process reflects exactly that!

After submitting your CV and answering some brief questions, you will be invited to an interview together with another peer. Therein, you will engage in a collaborative exercise together. In the last stage, you will be onboarded to our platform and engage in a project-related exercise together with another peer.

Wholly optionally, you will also be tell us about your professional aspirations in preparation for our recruitment offerings.

What roles are available during the Fellowship?

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The roles you can apply for generally depend on the project.

However, common positions include: Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Product Managers and Data Scientists.

To find out more about available roles, check out the projects above!

What level of commitment is expected from me?

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All projects are part-time and range from 10-20 hours in expected commitment per week. However, the exact required commitment depends on the project.

What is the skill level required from me?

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The expected skill level and technical requirements depends on the project.

Is there a chance to be hired after the Fellowship?

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Menon Labs cannot guarantee any hiring decisions, as this is in the discretion of our Partners.

However, you will also have the opportunity to either be scouted by our Corporate/VC Sponsors or present yourself at office hour sessions.

How do I participate in recruitment sessions with Corporate/VC Sponsors?

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Recruitment sessions currently are exclusive to current Fellows or Fellowship Alumni. Therein, Corporate/ VC Sponsors (separate from our start-up Partners) will be interested to get to know you closer, and if all goes well, offer you professional opportunities with them. They will approximately open in late Q2 2021.

If Intellectual Property is created, who owns it?

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This depends on the project. In some cases, the Partner will own the Intellectual Property created by the project. In these cases, you will need to sign an IP assignment. In this Fellowship cycle, however, most projects are open source.

Do I need to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

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This depends on the project. In some cases, the Partner will require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In these cases, you will need to sign the NDA in order to participate.

What kind of projects are you running?

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Right now, we are running 4 projects. They range from Consumer-Tech & Data Science to Computer Vision & Signal Processing. You can find them above!

Can I display the project in my personal portfolio, for example on GitHub?

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Yes, you will be able to display your projects on GitHub & co. Additionally, we will provide you with a certificate upon completion of the Fellowship.

Do you want to learn relevant skills by building a digital product?
Menon Labs is where students join global, interdisciplinary teams and gain relevant skills by building working products - together with our start-up Partners.
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